This was a unique project we had the opportunity to work on that included complete company branding, along with a new website for FIX Consulting. What made this project even more unique was the fact the FIX Consulting is a pioneer in the growing field of mechatronics and the Internet of things (IoT).
The Branding
One element we decided to save from the previous branding was the color green, and, since FIX Consulting is an “edgy” company, we didn’t want to use just any plain old green. The green that was selected has a slightly blue hue added to make it more of a cool ‘mint’ green.
The Logo
This was definitely a tricky one. We spent countless hours and hundreds of different concepts before finally coming up with the new logo. Each failed concept contributed an element that paved the way to the creation of the new FIX logo.
Kreate Chicago Digital Agency
The idea behind the final logo is 2 opposite facing arrows, which represent thinking in all directions. The are other complementary meanings, such as a speech bubble, which represents consulting, as well as a negative space bolt which represents energy.
Kreate Chicago Digital Agency
Arrows (pointing away from each other)
thinking both ways
encompassing everything
Kreate Chicago Digital Agency
Negative Space Bolt
Kreate Chicago Digital Agency
2 Thought/Speech Bubbles
Thinking outside of the box
thinking differently
The Website
Kreate Chicago Digital Agency
Modern. Edgy. Minimalistic.
These are the words we went by after spending a lot of time researching this emerging market, as well as speaking with FIX to make sure that we had the best possible understanding of FIX as a company, as well as the services they provide.
One of the major underlying ideas was to design custom iconography to represent each service. The psychology behind this is visual association; these icons can be used outside to the website on various marketing materials, which results in users being familiar with the website before they have even seen it.
Master Planning
Data Managment
Software Solutions
Technology CM
Cost Controls
Project Showcase
With household name clients such as Google and Apple, we wanted to make sure FIX’s clients and projects are being highlighted throughout the site. The projects category page utilizes dynamic filtering so that users can find the exact project that is most relevant to them.