New Style Cabinets is a company well known for producing the highest quality cabinetry on the market. They wanted a new website that is modern and which showcases their work and abilities. This is where Kreate comes in.
Kreate Chicago Digital Agency
New Style Cabinets reached out to Kreate with hopes of a new and improved look and feel for their website. They wanted to rebrand in a way that signified elegance with a touch of modern chic. We went to work and developed the perfect strategy through visionary, upscale designs and top-notch user experience.
Kreate Chicago Digital Agency
In starting the rebranding process, our inspiration came from New Style Cabinets’ own products and designs. Kreate decided to showcase their amazing work throughout the website by highlighting their stunning photography, smooth lines, and elegant details. Mixing these fantastic visuals with the ever-classic black and white color scheme allowed Kreate to shape a brand of elegance and sophistication. Our choice of modern type font further molded a more appealing New Style Cabinets.
Kreate Chicago Digital Agency
Kreate rebranded and produced an exclusive website that is effortless to navigate, modern, and most importantly, beautiful. With our tasteful use of traditional and contemporary design, viewers now receive a gorgeous sampling of what New Style Cabinets has to offer. Thanks to Kreate, New Style Cabinets is now a source of inspiration, aesthetics, and beauty.