Treasured Memories is an award-winning market leader in producing the finest and most innovative keepsake jewelry. Kreate was asked to redesign their website to achieve fluidity and an engaging user-experience.
Kreate Chicago Digital Agency
User Experience
The UX goal was simple: provide viewers with a FLUID and EASY experience of finding and ordering what they came for. We did away with the empty white space, the tiny imagery, and the labyrinth of a checkout.
It's said that “minimalism is the ultimate form a sophistication,” and we couldn’t agree more. By showcasing TMK’s products in a non-obtrusive way, the pages are clean and crisp. The category page displays only the high-quality photos of products, and hovering allows for additional information to display. We continued our simplification in the checkout process by creating one single page. With just the bare essentials, checkout is quick, simple, and free of redundancy.
Kreate Chicago Digital Agency
In addition, Kreate wanted to make the backend of this website just as user-friendly for TMK’s employees as the front end is for their customers. We chose the combination of WordPress & WooCommerce as the new frameworks for this project.
This combination of frameworks provides clarity, ease-of-use, and reliability. So far, TMK loves the simplicity of adding/editing products as opposed to their older, more complex system.
Kreate Chicago Digital Agency
Kreate has partnered with Treasured Memories to assist in their continual growth as leaders in keepsake jewelry. By analyzing their website’s traffic and user behaviors, not only will Kreate maintain a standard of impeccable user experience, but we will continue our collaboration and mutual relationship with TMK.